Saturday, February 14, 2009

Display of painting 'Woman picking rice'

Star painting 'Woman picking rice' which was picked up by a collector within hours of putting up display on the first day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Comments on 'Body Language' art show

Exhibiting artworks in a gallery is a great ecperience for an artist because there is a first hand feed back for the artworks.

I was very happy to see visitors spending tens of minutes on each painting, viewing in silence and peace, or engaged in discussion abt the painting with a partner, while some of them took photographs with permission. But what warmed me was the fact that quite a few of them were profuse in telling me how they were affected by the paintings.I had set up a guest book at the show and many of the visitors have written their comments on it.

Some favourites of mine ---

---- 'Very nice work. Something different, which common people like us can understand, feel it personally. I felt that each and every piece of work has touched my life somewhere. Its a part of my eveyday life.'

---'Actually I am also an artist, but these paintings are amazing. I am surprized and very happy to see these paintings. Excellent body language is shown here. Hats off to Usha madam. I am ur fan.'

---'One of my sights on paintings led me thru' a 'journey of life' . I never knew that the normal ubiquitous postcards in life can be translated through the brushes, thanks to M/s Usha for giving us such beautiful paintings. I say - simply great.'-

---'Very down to earth works. You have done something which most of the artists ignore to do. ie., day to day life events. Really appreciate it'.

----'With all the chaos that modern art brings.... its such a relief , pleasure to see that you have actually captured the essence of India in all its splendour.

----'It is an experience no words can explain.'

Renowned artists at my show

Renowned artists of Karntaka Mr. BKS Varma - fine artist and Dr. Harinarayan Salunky - wild life photographer graced my show, and gave me their valuable opinions.


I was very happy about the overwhelming response for the show. Visitors spent quite a lot of time viewing the paintings, especially when even children showed keen interest.

Visitors from England talking to me

Visitors in discussion

Viewers clicking photographs

Visting artist from Russia clicking snaps of paintings

Myself at the reception - photo taken by Afganistan artist

This photo was taken by an international artist --Esmail qasemyar -- from Afganistan. He took many photos of my artworks, and also of me. He later sent this photo by email. I really appreciate his gesture.
Artists from Afagnistan visited my show, as they were on a visit to India to attend an International artist meet at Chitra Kala Parishath Bangalore.

Seated behind is my husband Shantharam in the blue shirt, and our good friend Yoga Narasimhan in the yellow shirt

Display of paintings 'Mason' and 'The cart vendor' ,

Also picked up by a collector.

Display of paintings 'Summer drink' and 'Twilight years'

Display of paintings

Display of painting called 'Hot deals'

Display of paintings 'Jay walking' and 'Ladies in sarees and wearing flowers'

Display of painting called 'Reminiscing'

Display of painting 'School boy'






Display of the 'Golden Ladies'

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Body Language - a sneak peek at the show

Welcome to 'Body Language' art show

This blog will showcase the art show 'Body Language' - a display of paintings at Chitra Kala Parishad -
Bangalore India.

The show is scheduled from 1st Feb to 8th Feb 2009.